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Before Your Read Any Further  Please Answer  The Following Questions?

quest 1.  Is your social media or website productive generating paid leads?

 2.  Are you really making enough money from your online initiatives?

 3.  Do you have a product or service that everybody would buy BUT you just can’t sell it?

 4.  Have you found other people in your industry doing well but not you?

 5.  Do you think that with proper guidance you can do better than your competitors?

And If You Are Just Starting On The Internet OR Think That You Have…

# No strategy in place to promote your products/services and grow your business online

# No idea of how to make your website popular and get traffic that converts into sales

# No idea about social media marketing and related channels that can boost your website visibility

# No idea on how to optimize your website for search engines like Google, Ask and Bing

# No idea about how people are making money online

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1-150x150“I am in real estate and I fix and flip homes. As a matter of fact, I consistently require new leads to run my business and with everyone jumping into the real estate business, it is becoming more and more difficult to find clients. I am not that internet friendly as I have only limited skills but when my business had a slow season, I decided to educate myself. I came across the 10 step formula which has truly educated me on how and what to do to get new leads everyday. I am fortunate to get started with this formula at a very early stage of my online marketing and I have saved a lot of my time and money that I am afraid I may have spent struggling learning / getting rippedoff by web companies. My advise is to go through each step in this formula as it will build the confidence within you to do marketing yourself.” Scott D. Sheldon | Toronto, Ontario Canada.

women3“Hello, I own a bridal boutique and I have literally wasted a lot of money on my website. I also did a big mistake of hiring the wrong company to do some ads online that brought no results. Among all the other work to keep up the store and frustration from my web presence I stumbled upon the 10 step formula site. $17.99 for 10 step sounded great to me.. so I bought it right away. I would say that these 10 steps is what made me understand how to get more customers interested in my products as well as make them buy over and over again. The strategy planning mentioned in this ebook is super important, that must be done before building a website. Another interesting part is that this formula tells you exactly what NOT to do!” – Rachelle Douglas | Mississauga, ON, Canada.

8-150x150“You should not do any marketing online without going through these 10 steps. Avoid mistakes as they can be costly. The formula is strategy based and proper follow through is important. After going through these 10 steps, I have a proper understanding about what customers look for and how to drive them to buy my services.” – Susan M. Kimble | Blogger, Coach, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

men2“I started my business after getting my copy of the 10 Step Formula and within a week I was able to make my first sale ever on the Internet.The methods described in these 10 steps have helped me to get 7500 new visitors in a month and my sales are increasing at 40%! Believe it or not, but this formula really get results. I’ll be applying what I’ve learned into monetizing all my upcoming sites because it is fantastic!! I’m happy to have invested in this formula!.”Edward Miller | Online Retailer, Phoenix, AZ USA.

The 10 step formula will make your marketing initiatives rewarding by providing you easy-to-follow, step-by-step techniques to build Your Effective Website, Killer Content, Follow-Up Campaigns, Social Media Strategy, Ultra Targeted SEO Content Marketing and more… No advance degree in web technology is required.

 IN THIS 10 Step Formula YOU WILL…

side1√ Learn how to get qualified hits of ultra targeted traffic in 30 days

√ Learn the most powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique

√ Discover the secret List Building and Content Creation Methods

√ Learn how to get TONNES of autopilot visitors every day of the year

√ Learn about Smart Website Designs and auto SEO indexing

√ Learn the “can’t lose” tactic of creating Ultimate Sales funnels

√ Learn the Logical Series for Customer Retention and eCampaigns

√ Learn how to stack and pack traffic techniques for maximum impact

√ Learn the right web-social combination to produce explosive results

√ Learn what to say (and how to say it) on social networking sites

√ Discover the tools you need to use to automate your online system

√ Discover a complete internet marketing blueprint for faster results

√ Learn the most crucial marketing techniques to Social Media Networks

√ Learn how to set up wildly profitable niche websites that bring in sales 24/7

√ Learn the effective “What NOT to do” that the beginners usually get it all wrong

√ Learn to find the sweet spot in your niche that your competitors are unaware of

√ Learn the most easy and efficient sales conversion method and so much more!

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